All standard tooling is stocked and available for quick delivery. The tooling illustrated below is recommended for the gauge indicated

Punches KP1, KP2, KP1B and KP3 are for bottom forming at 90°. Through air forming, you can achieve angles greater than 90° by adjusting the ram to control the distance the punch penetrates into the die. Punches KP4, KP5 and KP6 are designed for use with heavier gauge material or plate. They are manufactured with an 85° forming angle in order to air form and must be used with lower dies that have the same angle. This air forming reduces the overall tonnage required to form the shape. Ideally, the lower die opening is 8 times the material thickness of metals 1/2" plate and 10 times material thickness for material greater than 1/2" plate. Safety tongue reduces net height by 1/8".

Standard tooling image

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