107 ia an inexpensive hemming die set for forming teardrop or open hems on 20 gauge and lighter material. It offers the advantage of performing the entire forming in a single set of tooling. The length of the foldover cannot exceed 2 inches. A slight bow in longer sheets may appear due to the uneven angles of the punch and die. The second or closing operation requires that the sheet be held high enough in the die to ensure that the point of the punch passes over the edge of the first bend. 108 is modified with a leader for materials up to 16 gauge mild steel. 109 forms an open or teardrop hem in two operations on 14 gauge and lighter material. It is designed to reduce whip up and bowing in the center of longer sheets. It is limited to hems where the foldover is 3/4" or less.

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Die set 110 is our standard hemming die for 18 gauge material and lighter. It produces a full range of open to closed hems by shimming under the adjustable angle of the lower section. 111 has been modified to handle up to 14 gauge material by adding a back heel to the top section of the die set. Die set 112 is a high production die set that is designed to eliminate sheet whip up and minimize poorly formed parts due to operator error. This set is designed to handle 18 gauge and lighter material.

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Die set 113 is used in conjuction with flattening dies to form a standing seam in two operations. This set forms the acute angle offset and the flattening die close the angle. Die set 114 is used to perform both the acute angle offset and the closing operation in the same set. When ordering these die sets please specify the "A" dimension.

Standing Seam Die Image 1

Die sets 115 and 116 are used together in a two step operation when forming a seam in the middle of the sheet. Typically, these sets will have matched shut heights so that the operator can perform both steps in the same press brake.

Standing Seam Die Image 2

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