Die sets 127 and 128 are used to form channels with an inside web of 3/4" or less. A stripper is provided to remove the part. Die set 128 is used where flatness of the web is critical. Die set 129 is used to form a "U" shaped channel. It has built in allowance for spring back due to the overbending caused by the rocker insert in the bottom die. Applications for this die set are limited by material type and thickness.

Channel Die Image 1

Die set 130 is designed to form a channel where the inside radii may cause spring back due to being 1-1/2 to 2 times material thickness or greater. Rocker inserts overform the channel to compensate for this. The part is easily removed as it springs open to the desired shape.

Die set 131 is designed for channels where the inside web is greater than 3/4". It has a pressure pad to ensure flatness of the web.

Channel Die Image 2

Die set 132 is made to form a semi hat channel at the edge of the sheet. This die includes a release wedge and stripper to ensure easy part removal.

Channel Die Image 3

Die sets 133 and 134 are used to form hat channels. 133 forms four 90° bends in one hit and includes a pressure pad to ensure flatness of the set and release wedges in the punch and die to allow for easy part removal. Die set 134 forms an open hat channel in one hit.

Channel Die Image 4

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